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Whimsical line drawings, created with a smile, and splashed with bright, bold colors

Jeanne's professional cartoon career began at the age of three, when she and her mother, Kay Kato, a well known cartoonist, drew together on live TV.  And she's been drawing cartoons ever since.  She says her funniest are done when listening to serious music.  But she can draw to any tune.

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From the Times Union W@W Magazine From the Times Union W@W Magazine

Gag Cartoons for the  Times Union/Hearst Media Magazine Division, W@W.

Editorial Cartoon for the Schenectady Gazette Editorial Cartoon for September 16 in the Schenectady Gazette Editorial Cartoon August 15 in the Schenectady Gazette Editorial Cartoon in the Schenectady Gazette March 2

Editorial Cartoons for the Sunday Gazette, Schenectady NY.

  Political Cartoon by Jeanne Benas
  Jiffy Lube Cartoon by Jeanne Benas
  Books Cartoon by Jeanne Benas
Jeanne Benas with one of her greeting cards
  Sports Cartoon by Jeanne Benas
For Rumors Hair Salon Rumors Hair Salon For Rumors Hair Salon
Greeting Card Greeting Card Greeting Card
Greeting Card Greeting Card Greeting Card

Greeting Cards

See Jeanne's line of whimsical greeting cards from PaperTrail Press now distributed by Papyrus-Recycled Greetings Inc. throughout the United States in Walmart, Walgreens, Target and other fine stores.   For more info, visit or email   A select variety of cards for sale at the Albany County Convention & Visitor's Bureau Gift Shop in Quackenbush Square in Albany, NY, and MacBeth & Co. in Onekama, MI; and Ain't Too Shabby at Pangaea Outpost in San Diego, CA; and directly from the artist by phone or email.

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